Íntimo – XVI Fuego Flamenco Festival

Íntimo – XVI Fuego Flamenco Festival

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Íntimo – XVI Fuego Flamenco Festival

Co-directed and performed by Omayra Amaya and Edwin Aparicio

Co-musical direction by Roberto Castellón and Ricardo Marlow

Percussion: Francisco Orozco “Yiyi” and Jose Moreno. Vocals: Francisco Orozco “Yiyi.” Producer: Hugo Medrano.

Honorary Producers/Productores honorarios Joseph and Lynne Horning

Reviews from DC Theatre Scene, December 21, 2020



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Omayra Amaya’s legacy is one of a deep and proud gypsy flamenco tradition. The daughter of flamenco dancers Olga and Curro Amaya and grandniece the greatest Flamenco dancer who ever lived, Carmen Amaya.

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